The Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue, CCNDTR, offers a variety of training options to help owners of northern dog breeds. The northern breed dogs do not always fit within the classical programs offered in community, as they are members of primitive breeds. The primitive breeds have been in our developed communities for fewer generations. The Siberian Husky arrived in Alaska from Siberia in 1907. As a working breed, there was less reason to alter its nature for many generations. Siberian Husky owners often state that their dogs still think they should pull a sled when put on leash. This is but one example of what owners of northern dogs may experience.

The CCNDTR Library

CCNDTR offers the articles in the Library as a first resource to help with the training of northern dogs. It is helpful to understand that the issues one may be facing are common to the breeds, as opposed to being a defect in one dog. Chewing, digging, and possibly escaping may be better understood and prevented when one understands the breeds.

Individualized Training Options

CCNDTR offers individualized training for owners of northern dogs. We offer flexible custom programs for training that recognize that your dog is unlike other dogs, and that your needs may be specific and unique. We work with you and your dog to educate you as to what your dog is doing, wants to do, and will do when . . .

Boarding and Training Options

CCNDTR offers a board and train program. We have a limited capability to accept one or two dogs for boarding and training. The dogs live with us and our capable pack--possibly while you enjoy a vacation. We work with the dog while you are away, and educate it in ways it has not yet been educated. Our pack assists in this endeavor, and can be convincing by offering the new temporary member opportunities to play creatively, take long walks, and discover that learning is fun.

Dogs that have boarded with us once, love to return when possible. They view it as their own vacation, and welcome rejoining the pack here when possible.

Co-Training Options

For owners who intend to establish a foundation for further training that they themselves wish to do, we offer a co-training program. You can work together with us to train your dog, see how we do it--and get hands-on experience training your own dog while having a coach to help you get started. You can work for an hour or so, take your dog home, work with your dog in your own community for a week or two, then return for an evaluation and second lesson. Our training is not proprietary--we share it freely. Whatever secret sauce we have is yours to understand and share. Our passion is your dog's welfare and happiness.

If you have an interest in any of our training programs, please let us know. We will contact you once you complete a contact form for training, and once we understand your needs and desires, we will map out a satisfactory program together. All dogs *must* be current on vaccinations, including the canine influenza virus, and pass our initial evaluation. As the dogs will be around our dogs, we want to be sure they agree with one another.

If you would like more information please fill out this contact form.