Why Adopt From CCNDTR?

ADOPTING A DOG FROM THE Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue

What are the advantages in adopting a dog from the Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue?

1. The Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue rescues and fosters only Northern breeds of dogs. We specialize in knowing the temperament of northern dogs, and we have experienced the joy of fostering many of them in our homes. We know and love the arctic breeds, and choose to work with them to continue improving our knowledge and experience.

2. When we rescue a dog, we evaluate it for soundness in behavior, medical condition, and its ability to relate to people. After that evaluation, we often rescue the dog, but in some instances, we do not. Dogs are carefully chosen so as to be adoptable, both as a matter of safety to our foster homes, and to your home.

3. The northern breeds of dogs we foster live in our homes with us, and our dogs. We know each dog as an individual, and know it in the context of our home and community. This is similar to what the dog may experience in your home, and we can often give you valuable insights about the behavior and habits of the individual dog in which you may have an interest in adopting.

4. We neuter/spay every dog, and make certain that each dog has been appropriately vaccinated. Because the dogs do live with us, we are aware of any other medical issues that may require attention, and generally, we attend to them. This is not to say that a condition may not arise or become evident only after adoption. We provide a 14 day guarantee to address such a possibility.

5. Our Placement Specialists work hard to make a good match between dogs and homes. When you interview with an Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue (CCNDTR) Placement Specialist, that person is listening carefully to what you say, so that the dog that is recommended for you is one believed to be well suited to you and your circumstances. We want the adoption to work, and we won’t leave it to chance. The staff of CCNDTR has evaluated, rescued, fostered, and placed, more than 400 northern breed dogs.

6. We provide counseling on each dog before, during, and after adoption for the life of every dog at no additional cost to the adopting family. Our years of experience with many other dogs similar to the one you may be adopting give us an advantage in understanding your dog, and what might be done to ensure that you and your choice of dog are happy together.

After 20 years of experience, and more than 400 adoptions, we have learned much that might help you.

7. When we rescue a dog, we work with it to determine what assets the dog may have. Does the dog have any training? How well does it behave in the house? Does it have any leash training? How is it around other dogs? Once we have a profile on each dog, we begin working with each dog to increase the assets of that dog. We may be unique in feeling that a dog who is being fostered doesn’t just get fed, watered, and given a place to sleep. We try to educate each dog to prepare it for a better life in your home.

In summary, we can say that we prepare each dog physically, emotionally, and behaviorally for a new home--one in which the dog will be happy and successful. We are still there after the adoption to offer the knowledge and guidance to be sure your dog lives in harmony in your home. Please copy this list, and take it along with you when you look for your next dog.

Use it as a checklist.