The Samoyed has a double coat, the undercoat being wool. It is strong and warm. The coat is odorless, the outer coat is coarse, long and the tips have a silver glint. The lovely white coat requires regular brushing to remove debris and to maintain a tangle free appearance.

A coat that is ignored can become matted and retain dirt and debris. The Samoyed generally will shed twice a year, and any owner must accept the idea that every Samoyed comes with a full coat which will be everywhere--including in your meals, at times.

The Samoyed personality can be a challenge to the inexperienced owner. Like most northern breeds, the Samoyed obeys out of respect. The Samoyed that is handled with respect will comply with love and patience.

Samoyed’s, like all northern breeds, must be trained. When training a Samoyed it is important to remember that a command once given, must be obeyed. It is best to begin training when the dog is young, and MAINTAIN THE TRAINING! Regular exercise and handling are a must, as with most northern dogs.

Northern breeds of dogs cannot be deprived of human relationships, and the Samoyed deprived of sufficient human stimulation will become bored, and may engage in behaviors such as digging. They are excellent excavators by nature. Refer to the article in the CCNDTR Library on Fencing and Containment for tested ideas for confining northern dogs to the home.

A fenced-in yard is a must for a Samoyed for these reasons:

1. The dog must get exercise, and be protected from automobiles.

2. To protect the dog from theft. The Sammy’s friendly nature and willingness to ride in any automobile makes it vulnerable to being stolen.

3. The herding instinct is very strong. The Samoyed will chase a rabbit willingly, and refuse to obey a command to come while herding.

The Samoyed is a “talky dog.” With encouragement, this dog will voice pleasures and dislikes. The Samoyed will also communicate with paw or nose, using the nose to press softly under any idle human arm for attention. The Samoyed learns to shake hands readily, and learns to use paws to open doors, and play with toys.

Samoyed’s are sensitive. A Samoyed is generally very people-oriented, and senses human emotions quickly. As most northern dogs, the Samoyed must have a pack, and looks to the master as pack leader. When treated with love and respect, the Samoyed will return it well multiplied. The physical environment is less important to a Samoyed than the human one.

At the Central Coast Northern Dog Training and Rescue, we often say that the old adage, “An idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop.” originated with the owners of northern breed dogs. If you want a low maintenance dog, content to lie about in a back yard sleeping, and having a bowl of food thrown at it when convenient, and minimal attention for weeks at a time--don’t adopt a Samoyed- or any other northern breed. These dogs require your presence--in mind and body, and a Sammy knows when it is being short changed in the relationship.

If you can truly bring yourself to being thoroughly loved; being the center of the universe for an attractive companion who is playful, devoted, loyal, energetic, sometimes sassy, talkative, innovative, and enthusiastic about you all the time . . . then just maybe you are ready for a Samoyed.

Two Samoyed dogs looking into the distance